Awaken to Your Life Purpose course is about helping spiritual, aspiring and current entrepreneurs embrace your gifts and talents and guide you with ideas on how you can monetize them and create or enhance your own business.

The course is also about how to get over limiting beliefs you may have about yourself, setting healthy boundaries, having more self-love, confidence and how to incorporate a daily spiritual practice to help you lay the foundation of becoming your best version so that you can know your worth and have a thriving business!

Your Journey to Bliss and Fulfilment Starts Now

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Life Purpose Business Discovery

  • Week 2: Getting Over What People Think About You

  • Week 3: Your Spiritual Devotion

  • Week 4: Positive Self Image vs Negative Self Image

  • Week 5: Embracing Self Love

  • Week 6: Letting Go and Forgiveness

  • Week 7: Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Week 8: Me Time and Self Care

  • Week 9: Following Your Intuition

  • Week 10: Your Magic Power

  • Week 11: The Power of Affirmations

  • Week 12: Mirror Reflection

  • Week 13: Journaling and Reflection

Meet Your Instructor

Katina Love

Author, Speaker, Talk Show Host & Soul Purpose Coach

I’ve always felt like there was more to life than working at a regular job. Although I have been grateful for the jobs I’ve had, I’ve never been satisfied with any of the more than 30 different jobs and careers I’ve had. I have found on my journey that working a job that did not align my values, beliefs and life’s purpose was not fulfilling. There is a reason for that. I discovered that we are all unique and came to fulfill a mission and purpose that is unique each of us. I am most happy and fulfilled when I am following my passions and doing what I love; which is enlightening others spiritually and helping people discover or enhance their spiritual gifts, life purpose and spiritual business.

At first I didn’t know that I would become a spiritual guide, life purpose and business coach or author for that matter. I was lead down this path in 2013 when I found myself coaching my talk show guests with having confidence to share their spiritual gifts openly and getting over limiting beliefs about themselves. This has blossomed into a beautiful life purpose of mine. There is nothing like being able to do what you love on your own terms. My work is so fulfilling! I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

I was inspired to create this course because too often in the past I would see the great work of spiritual entrepreneurs, such as energy healers, coaches/mentors, card readers, energy healers, authors, speakers, light workers and the like; and they would be afraid to speak openly about their gifts.

Many of them cared too much about what other people thought about them and were playing small; they did not charge what they were worth and only worked with clients in their small circle. I could see their potential even when they could not. I have the gift and ability to see the gifts of others and how to turn them into products and services that can benefit others. My purpose is to help you reach your highest potential, find your purpose and create or enhance the business you love!

When this course is complete, my intention is that you will walk away with the following:

  • How to have a deeper connection with yourself and God/Spirit/Source

  • How to build your confidence and know your worth

  • How to let go, forgive yourself and others

  • How to move past what others think of you

  • How to incorporate a healthier lifestyle

  • How to incorporate spiritual rituals that resonate with you

  • How to tap into your magic power

  • Confidence to embrace your gifts and passions

  • Clarity on which business to choose or enhance

  • And lots more!

What Past Clients Are Saying

Cindy Langston

I took Katina's course and have continued on from there with weekly coaching sessions to master some challenges in my personal life. Just spending time with Her and absorbing her joyful pleasant vibe Is a benefit of its own. The second layer of benefit is that consistent regular connection to positivity and accountability. And the third layer is the actual content of the course and wisdom in her coaching. She brought out confidence and strength in me I didn't know I had, that I needed to overcome a big hurdle that had been holding me back. Now we are switching to my business and I can't wait to see how it grows!

Jennifer Gardner

Katina is authentic in her pursuit to help others. Her drive and passion to manifest a purpose-filled life is a breath of fresh air. Her services have guided me to further trust in the Law of Attraction. She educates on self-love and self-awareness, which should be part of everyone's journey.

Shannon Allen

Katina has been most helpful in assisting me to keep on track withpwith my personal, educational and business goals as I build my natural healthcare practice. I have made great progress in the last two years we have worked together. She's always warm, friendly and down-to-earth yet of the utmost professionalism. I am so thankful I stumbled across her! I look forward to a long, working relationship together.

Liz Fragrnce

Katina is an amazing beautiful soul who empowers n motivates others to follow their soul purpose. It was an absolute life-changing experience talking to her..she gave me so much clarity and confidence to follow my soul purpose in life...can’t explain in words..much love n gratitude for this amazing woman..universe needs more such beautiful souls.

Time to take action!

If you know you have a bigger purpose to serve and help others doing what you’re passionate about, I am certain this course will help awaken all the potential inside you so you can create or enhance your life purpose business using your gifts and talents. Now is your time to move forward and enroll!